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Car Quiz #4 – Car Names (Easy)

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Corvette, Hilux, Polo… Automakers have done countless remarkable jobs choosing names to their beloved concoctions. Then again, while most of them made their way into our memories for being beautiful and strong, others simply became fodder for jokes. In fact, car names are such an intriguing topic that the author of this quiz has also written a page to address this topic in deeper detail – check it out here!

This time, we are going to explore the topic of car names taking things easy. There are five questions on the quiz below, each one with a specific hint. If you get any of them wrong, there is no need to worry: you can retake it. If you enjoyed taking this quiz, make sure to stay tuned on AutomoBible. We are always looking for interesting content to write and publish, so there will be many others like that in the future!


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#1. Bentley's performance model was initially released in 1951. Nowadays, it has the GT surname and has a limousine sibling named Flying Spur. ? Lincoln's flagship sedan has the same name of this car

That is the Bentley Continental GT. It is available as a coupé and a convertible.

#2. Initially released in 1964, this Ford car became successful enough to create the segment of pony cars. It now competes with the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger. ? Nowadays, it has an electric crossover variation named "Mach E"

That is the Ford Mustang. One of its signature features is the unique logo of a horse.

#3. Simply the best-selling nameplate ever. Over almost six decades, this model has had countless variations of body, trim, powertrain and even surname. This is the Toyota ______

That is the Toyota Corolla! Nowadays, it has a global version and another one specific for North America.

#4. In the 1990s, Citroën used the name of a worldwide famous painter to distinguish its growing minivan lineup. The first model, released in 1998 and shown above, is the Xsara ______ ? Citroën also used that name on the C3 and C4 minivan versions

You’ll have to try again!

Citroën used Picasso as a surname for its minivans. Once the segment lost its popularity, the last model in line was renamed C4 SpaceTourer.

#5. Sir Alec Issigonis created it in the late 1950s starting with a scribble on a restaurant napkin. Nowadays, it is a premium hot hatch named Mini _____

That is the Mini Cooper hatchback.

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