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Car Quiz #1 – Car Names (Extreme)

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Automakers make huge investments to plan car names. After all, properly representing the new model within the lineup is only part of their mission. A good name must be easy to pronounce in as many languages as possible and must avoid word plays. As you can imagine, it is easy to make mistakes in this task no matter how much research they do.

Some cars use glamorous names like Airflow, while others follow corporate strategies of alphanumeric codes. Either way, there have been so many examples in this industry that the whole topic has become delicious to analyze. We hope this quiz can polish what you know about car names and encourage you to learn more about them. Make sure to share your results with your friends!


Congratulations, you got everything right! You’ve shown that you really know your way in the automotive world. What other curious facts about car names do you know? You might need them for our next quizzes!

Awww… at least one of your answers was not correct. Take a closer look at the history of those car models. We’re sure you can get everything right!

#1. German automaker Mercedes-Benz changed its naming structure in 1993 and again in 2015. All the cars shown below use the latest version. Now, which one went through an additional change in that period? ? Don't get lost among so many letters and numbers!

Have you seen that all the options are named with either 1 or 3 letters? Were there any models with different names than those?

#2. German automaker Volkswagen has named many famous models according to a single theme. Can you guess which of the following does NOT follow that tradition? ? One of the options is a huge tip itself!

You’ll have to try again! 🙁

If the tip on the question text has not helped you yet, try thinking of it in other languages.

#3. Japanese automaker Toyota could not sell one of these cars with the same name in the whole world because of a language problem. What car was it? ? The one you're probably thinking of was released much earlier than 2020

Even though all those names are unusual, to say the least, there is only one right answer. Think of it as un grand problème which Toyota managed to avoid!

#4. North-American automaker Chevrolet has sold many car models developed for other brands as well, whether within GM or not. Which of the following has ALWAYS been exclusively a Chevrolet car? ? One of the wrong options is ridiculously easy to guess!

Chevrolet’s history has many, many models developed with badge-engineering. However, few of them were original projects. You can check the Lumina model in particular… if you know how to use that hint 😉

#5. Spanish automaker SEAT is famous for naming its vehicles after symbols of the home country's culture. Which of those models, however, was initially released with a completely unrelated name? ? Think about how SEAT was born!

That’s not quite right 🙁

Car models usually receive different names to reflect a transition which the automaker is going through. Has SEAT gone through any transitions in its history?


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