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Car Quiz #2 – Car Names (Hard)

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Congratulations for reaching this level! Well, we like to think you arrived here after defeating the Easy and the Medium ones. The other option is that you decided to give up on the Extreme one, for which we will not blame you… the most common word I have heard in people’s feedback from that one is “impossible”. Either way, this time we will challenge your knowledge on names of car models at the Hard level.

It is common for automakers to name cars using alphanumeric codes – yes, just like the German ones do. The biggest advantage is making it easy to identify what position each car takes on the line. On the other hand, many car enthusiasts consider such strategy inexpressive, because those codes rarely have a strong meaning. The following questions are going to play with them and the companies that have used them.


Awesome! Not everyone can pass this quiz. A word of caution, though: if you are planning to take the Extreme level, you’d better prepare yourself 😀

Awww, almost there! Take another shot, maybe after researching a little. We know you can do it!

#1. One of the following names represents a two-door upscale hatchback whose trunk lid was entirely painted in black. Which one was it? ? The body setting should help you eliminate some options

That is the C30, a hatchback which Volvo produced from 2006 to 2013.

#2. This vehicle has gone through several generations, has had several name variations, and is praised for its performance at what it does. How is it called? ? Figuring the language on the image will help you a lot

That’s the Chevrolet S10. Over the years, it has also been named S-10 (with a hyphen), S-10 Blazer, and Colorado.

#3. Back in the 1980s, General Motors executed the J-car, an ambitious project of global car which was sold in many regions under many names. Which of the following is NOT one of those? ? Would you like us to publish an article on the J-car?

Even though Opel was largely responsible for the car’s development, the Manta coupé had no relation with it.

#4. Three of the following names were used by two completely unrelated car models. Which one is the exception? ? Time to resort to good, old Google?

The name “Variant” has been used in some Volkswagen cars to denote their station wagon version. It was only used as the regular name, as in Volkswagen Variant, in a station wagon that had two generations from 1969 to 1981.

#5. This European compact car was sold in North America in one of its generations. In the other, it received a unique nickname. Which one is it? ? No, the logo on the hubcap wasn't removed with Photoshop

It is the Renault 5. In the second generation, it was named Supercinq – “cinq” is the name of its number in French.