Author Danillo Almeida


Writing expertise: Automotive design, automotive history, market trends 


  • Content writer specialized in the automotive industry. 
  • Author of Jeitinho Brasileiro em Quatro Rodas (Portuguese, available on Amazon). 
  • Mechanical engineering student.


Danillo Almeida has explored his passion for cars in two distinct ways. The first one is his graduation course in Mechanical Engineering, which will hopefully lead to a job position in the field. The other one is expressing his knowledge and opinions on the matter through writing. Almeida has already contributed to blogs, stores, and websites in general writing automotive content in many formats. 

He was the typical car fan growing up. Car posters on the bedroom, stacks of specialized magazines and, later, hours spent on the Internet. Everything to quench his thirst of information about all the latest releases. Over time, however, he began to shape his interest in the field with more precision. Almeida knew that he could contribute to the car world rather than just admiring it from a distance. 

The first opportunity for that appeared within his family. All his cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends would ask for his opinion before choosing their next cars. His input was valuable because it went beyond price and item list. He would always try to find a car model that, while staying within the person’s budget and rational needs, would also match their lifestyle and personal preferences. 

Those interactions led Almeida to an insight he would use on his work from that moment: cars are members of our society. We can think of them merely to go from A to B, sure, but they offer more than that. Each car has its own set of emotional characteristics such as design, history, and dynamic behavior to name a few. Therefore, each car is prepared to perfectly suit a specific owner profile. 

Such point of view has paved the way for Almeida to write content for several clients related to the automotive industry. Not only blogs, but also online stores, specialized reviews, and even ground transportation agencies. While he is still working his way towards a position in the car industry, he has already had many priceless opportunities to make positive changes in this universe. 


Danillo Almeida is an advanced student of the Mechanical Engineering graduation course. He first enrolled at age 16, after graduating from high school, but had to face priorities which eventually forced him to postpone that dream. Nowadays, he is back on his track, but better prepared than ever thanks to the past few years of life experience. His childhood dream is to be a car designer. 

About AutomoBible

AutomoBible is Danillo Almeida’s latest personal project in the automotive field. He works with a full team in two fronts. One is abstract, aimed at showing the numerous ways in which cars make part of our lives and help us reach our goals. The other is concrete, focused on reviewing the best car-related products to guide owners towards keeping proper care of their beloved automobiles.