First of all, thank you for visiting our website! I am Danillo Almeida, a 29-year-old Brazilian writer on my way to become a Mechanical Engineer. Besides that, I have been a car enthusiast for around… 29 years. I have been writing articles about the car world for a big part of that time.

As you can imagine, cars are part of my hobbies as well – lately, I have been winning a race or two on Forza Horizon 5. However, I also enjoy watching a good movie, especially older ones. On the weekend, you will most likely find me visiting a new bar or coffee shop.

While I have always been searching for interesting facts about cars, I grew up surrounded by friends and relatives who enjoy them but not to that extent – you know, the typical extent of normal people. Such experience has contributed to shape the content I aim to present.

This book analyzes the relationship between Brazilians and the automobile over the decades (source: Amazon)

Cars are part of our society

To me, cars are more than horsepower, equipment lists, and prices. We, as a society, can change them by the demands and needs we show and enforce. The industry can change them with their competition and ideas. And the government can change them with laws and taxes.

As a result, each car model has a history of its own. Some helped their manufacturer prosper, others have become a reference in the market… And there are others which had a less fortunate market performance. Each car model is a world in its own and I consider that fascinating.

This book explains several parts of a modern automobile with short and simple explanations (source: Amazon)

What have I written before?

At first, I had smaller blogs. On Meu Próximo Carro, I would write about the latest car releases especially in Brazil joining factual information and opinions according to my knowledge. Later, I moved to Medium to focus on my own opinions and ideas about the automotive world.

Parallel to that, I have written print and digital books as an opportunity to delve into some topics in detail. They are all available on Amazon so far; those are the books you can see between the paragraphs on this page. Each caption explains the respective book’s topic in short.

Here, you are going to learn details about how automakers use brands to execute their market strategies (source: Amazon)

I invite you to check AutomoBible’s posts whenever you have time. I do my best to bring valuable insights in the car industry about both new and classic cars. And I make sure to write in appropriate ways for both casual and seasoned enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy your reading!