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First of all, thank you for visiting our website! I am Danillo Almeida, a 30-year-old Brazilian writer on my way to become a Mechanical Engineer. Besides that, I have been a car enthusiast for around… 30 years. I have been writing car articles for over fifteen years.

While I have always been searching for interesting facts about cars, I grew up surrounded by friends and relatives who enjoy them but not to that extent – the typical extent of normal people. Such contrast made me draw some interesting conclusions over time.

1996 Mercedes-Benz SLK. Get ready to read a car article about it soon!
The Mercedes-Benz SLK, released in 1996, used a foldable hardtop with electric operation for the first time

Cars are more than vehicles

Cars do more than taking you from A to B. Racing cars are all about high performance and even higher driving skills. Off-road cars have to be prepared to withstand the most severe and surprising conditions. Luxury models must impress you through the entire trip, and so on.

I like to say that all car models have personalities. They are part of their maker’s history, which is usually long and rich. They bring a complex visual identity which takes a long time to properly appreciate. And each one balances comfort and affordability in a very specific way.

Fourth-generation Chevrolet Tracker. Would you like to read an article about it?
Chevrolet has used the “Tracker” nameplate on a badge-engineered Suzuki Vitara, then a short-lived global project, and now a regional project developed in China

How do our car articles explore that?

In short, by offering you unique takes on different aspects of a car. We do not limit ourselves to talk about equipment lists, tech specs, and prices. AutomoBible invites you to discover parts of automotive history, some design concepts, and the latest market trends.

An interesting consequence is that we rarely tie our articles to the latest events and product releases. In other words, you might stumble across a historical event, an older car model or even some aspect of the automotive world you may have never known.

The Dodge Stealth is a badge-engineered version of the Mitsubishi GTO, considered one of the most advanced sports cars of its time

Enlightening you is our mission

More recently, the website has welcomed Joe Stewart, a part-time collaborator who writes about product reviews. He has a remarkable experience in the car industry, so he provides valuable insights in terms of the latest accessories available in the market.

We are continuously working on this project to develop it even further. Rest assured that our intention is to keep providing unique views on everything that makes an automobile such an important part of our society. We hope you enjoy your reading!