Burmester and Mercedes-Benz Have a Beautiful Partnership

The audio manufacturer says it better. Together, those companies have taken the art of engineering to a new level and created a perfect synergy

Burmester audio system on the Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Older drivers might say that audio systems for cars were simpler decades ago. Long before Burmester entered this field, there were cassette and CD players made for standardized slots on the dashboard. They had limited functions and little stability: when driving on rough roads, your only option was the radio. Fortunately, things have become much better for that automotive product over the past years.

Automakers are now partnering with audio manufacturers. Their goal is to design the audio system at the same time as the very cabin. This feature is exclusive to high-end models or, at least, high-end versions of regular models. In short, they find the best solution to each car considering the dimensions and shape of its cabin. Burmester has done that job well enough to deserve working on all those German cars.

2020 Mercedes Benz S-Class interior (source: Daimler)

What is Mercedes Burmester?

A partnership that creates bespoke car audio systems. Mercedes-Benz wants to deliver the best quality to its clients and trusts Burmester to contribute in that field. The latter participates in the process to develop the car’s cabin to create unique systems. It uses cutting-edge resources in all of them, of course. However, each one has specific requirements of noise cancelling, customization, and list of components.

2021 Burmester Mercedes a Class (source: Daimler)
Mercedes-Benz dashboard (source: WheelsAge)

The A-Class, for example, has received a Burmester Mercedes system for the first time. It presented quite a challenge to the companies; they had to balance high sound quality with an overall cost aligned to the car’s proposal. The hatchback has 12 speakers including tweeters and woofers on the door panels and a subwoofer on the rear. The company also states that “590 watts of amplifier power are available”.

The S-Class, in turn, was the Mercedes Burmester work’s first target. The current model features a unique 4D system with sound transducers underneath the seats. They excite the seats in the rhythm to provide an experience “through the entire body”, which is completely new in the market. You can also customize that signal according to your own preferences and set different parameters for front and rear seats.

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2019 G Class with the Burmester Mercedes audio system (source: Daimler)

Do all Mercedes come with Burmester?

Most of the urban models. The Burmester Surround Sound system is available in a wide range of cars and that attests the company’s capabilities. After all, a sporty coupé like the AMG GT, a rugged SUV like the G-Class, and an executive van such as the V-Class have specific requirements in terms of space, dimensions, and purpose. That all represents unique demands and expectations from the sound system.

One of the latest developments appeared on the EQS. With the Burmester sound system, Mercedes offers a three-dimensional, customizable audio experience offered by 15 speakers and 710 W of system output. It is perfectly integrated to the MBUX system, which includes voice recognition, and to a noise-cancelling function that continuously adjusts the output according to the external conditions of the moment.

Mercedes-Benz Burmester audio system (source: WheelsAge)

Now, since the Mercedes Benz Burmester audio system comes at extra cost, one may wonder whether it is actually worth it. This partnership has gone the extra mile to perfectly integrate that music experience into the cabin of several different models. Even in the field of bespoke audio solutions for car cabins, not many joint-ventures have reached this standard of synergy and such brilliant and impressive results.

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The Mercedes GLC Burmester upgrade greatly improves audio quality in the SUV (source: WheelsAge)

Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade my Mercedes sound system to Burmester?

Yes, you can. While it is possible to buy standalone devices to have installed in any car, Mercedes Benz offers bespoke installations at extra cost when you buy a new car.

Do all Mercedes have Burmester speakers?

Most of them. The Burmester Mercedes audio system is only available to its urban cars, which excludes trucks and commercial vans.

How good is Mercedes Burmester sound system?

It is a bespoke solution individually designed for each Mercedes Benz car. Therefore, you can expect nothing but the best sound quality regardless of the shape and dimensions of their cabin.

How much is a Burmester sound system Mercedes?

It comes at a specific price for each model. If you want some reference, the 2016 C-Class could have it for extra £2995.

Is the Burmester upgrade worth it Mercedes?

If you appreciate a truly high-quality audio experience, that upgrade can definitely provide it.

When did Mercedes start using Burmester?

The official cooperation started in 2009, starting with the S-Class.

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