Did You Know You Can Join Monopoly and Cars?

>Classic board game has had special editions of many topics over the years. Here, we have compiled ten of the best Monopoly sets that honor automobiles and their makers!

Monopoly is the kind of game that can wreak havoc in a family get-together in a matter of minutes. They know it is based on strategies but, once they effectively appear on the game, anything can happen. Since the game is massively popular, it has received many editions that blend into other preferences we have.

Even though I am a car fan, I used to think there was only one or two car Monopoly games on sale. Once I saw that there is a whole segment of them, I knew that it would be the topic of my next article. The items below compile my top picks of this game along with a summary to help you purchase your favorite ones.

Best Car Monopoly Games

Car Monopoly GameYearCheck it out!
AMG 50th Anniversary2019
Classic Volkswagen2017
Corvette 50th Anniversary2003
Fast & Furious2017
Ford 100th Anniversary2003
Mario Kart2018
Mustang 40th Anniversary2004
NASCAR Collector’s Edition1997
V8 Supercars1997

In case that name is giving you déjà vu but you still do not know why, let me help you. That is Mercedes-Benz’s famous performance division, which has created a sporty version of every one of its urban cars for the past few decades. Now, you have the opportunity to learn more about them while playing Monopoly.

AMG 50th Anniversary Monopoly board game

This special edition of the game allows you to buy iconic AMG cars instead of real estate properties. The railroads made room to legendary F1 circuits. Instead of taxes, you are going to pay for insurance and/or registration. And if you are fast enough, you can use a gullwing or an AMG engine as your board token.

Main features

  • The entire gameplay was adapted to the AMG theme
  • Even the exclusive tokes feature a high level of detail
  • Great chance to learn more about old and new AMG cars

Did you know?

  • When it was independent, AMG built a car named
  • Nowadays, almost all have AMG versions
  • After AMG, Brabus is the most prominent

If you are thinking that the theme simply appears as car-shaped pieces to play, you are wrong. The game went the hard way and made cars the properties you can buy. While you build your collection of classic Volkswagen models, be aware not to land on a wash bay: you will have to pay for that plus registration!

Classic Volkswagen Monopoly board game

This collector’s edition Monopoly has been difficult to find, but it really pays off to wait. It is a fun, yet rich way to learn more about Volkswagen’s history. This is especially important these days because the maker is moving on to its third global generation of car models, after the ones led by the Beetle and the Golf.

Main features

  • Vintage Volkswagen cars are the properties you can purchase
  • Collector’s edition is rich in details and has high build quality
  • It definitely makes it worth the wait for a set available for purchase

Did you know?

  • The Transporter of the 1950s was up to 2014
  • VW surpassed the Beetle’s success with and created the hot hatch
  • Besides the global line, Volkswagen has had many regional

This edition enhances the game’s classic appearance with dark tones that make the sports car even more interesting. If your strategies are sharp enough, you can end up with a collection of several generations at once. Keep in mind that, since it celebrates the Corvette’s 50th anniversary, it only goes up to 2003 cars.

Corvette 50th Anniversary Monopoly game

Commemorative Monopoly editions like that are great to focus on the early parts of the model’s history. You can revisit all-time favorites like the 1953 model and the Mako Shark concept or relive the childhood times when you had a beautiful poster of the Corvette’s fourth or fifth generation on your bedroom wall.

Main features

  • Classic Monopoly design is a great addition to the retro feeling
  • Great opportunity to learn more about the Corvette’s rich history
  • Dark color layout makes the board game more elegant than usual

Did you know?

  • The second generation helped define the muscle car trend in the USA
  • The C5 generation was one of the last new cars to use
  • The current Z06 has helped stop the undesirable trend of

Fast & Furious Monopoly

You know that adrenaline rush we get after watching a Fast & Furious movie? This is the best way to put it to good use. You can play with your favorite custom car, go through several iconic moments of the movie franchise, and build your fortune – unless you get arrested, bankrupt, and/or have to pay taxes, of course.

Fast & Furious Monopoly game

This Monopoly edition is great because it shows a high level of commitment to its theme. Besides that, it comes with an instruction sheet to guide you on the differences from the regular board game. It is meant for people of ages 8 and above, so your entire family can enjoy themselves in this high-octane manner!

Main features

  • The game’s entire appearance was modified to represent the theme
  • All properties on the game are related to moments of the movies
  • Extra instruction sheet to guide you on the game’s exclusive features

Did you know?

  • Dom’s 1970 Dodge Charger has even gotten its own
  • The movie franchise shed light on tuning practices such as the
  • Once the tuning culture became mainstream, carmakers began to

Since this edition celebrates the automaker as a whole, you will find a little bit of everything. You can buy pioneer cars such as the 1903 Model A, vintage racing models, or iconic items like the flathead V8 engine. While the game no longer features the latest models, it is still great for us to learn about Ford’s classics.

Ford 100th Anniversary Monopoly game

Ford has a vast history divided mostly into its North American and European branches, so it has countless fans all around the world. This Monopoly game is a wonderful gift option because it has a lot to teach us or to brush up what we already know. I am sure you will have a wonderful time playing it with loved ones.

Main features

  • The game features items, not only cars, so no one will get bored
  • You can find references to many iconic moments of Ford’s history
  • Easy way to find a great gift option if the person is a car enthusiast

Did you know?

  • Ford once made a special Escort in the RS Turbo version for
  • In the 1980s, Ford created a to sell its European cars in the USA
  • The Thunderbird founded the personal luxury segment and

This is one of the best additions to Monopoly’s Gamer series. You can pick your token from Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad, and you will buy properties such as Bowser’s Castle and Rainbow Road to avoid falling into their traps. A great feature is that this game replaces its money bills with Mario-styled coins.

Mariokart Monopoly game

The best way to enjoy this board game is remembering that it does not replace the video game. Each one has its own pros and cons; Monopoly’s version is more of a tribute to the actual Mario Kart. This way, you can enjoy the famous franchise even if you became tired of slipping on banana peels or falling into lava.

Main features

  • There is an extra Power-Up die that unlocks special features
  • Nintendo’s collaboration brings high accuracy and many details
  • You can purchase additional character tokens at an extra cost

Did you know?

  • Besides Monopoly fans, this is a great gift for in general
  • You can toss shells and banana peels so as to delay your opponents
  • Each token has a Super Star ability which you can use to help yourself

Yes, yet another commemorative Monopoly. This one celebrates four decades of the model that founded the pony car segment. The game goes up to 2004, so you can enjoy multiple moments of its history until its fourth generation. Another nice feature is that the game’s appearance was modified with a retro touch.

Mustang 40th Anniversary Monopoly

While there are many 35th anniversary editions, this one is quite rare. You can buy iconic variations of the Mustang and unique items as properties. The board game also features garages instead of houses, so you can charge more for your opponents when they land on a Mustang model that is a part of your collection.

Main features

  • The board received an exclusive appearance with retro touches
  • You can find many special editions up to the 2004 SVT Cobra
  • Rare edition makes a wonderful gift for automotive enthusiasts

Did you know?

  • The Mustang was idealized by at a time of crisis in Ford
  • 2004 marked the final development stage of the popular
  • The debuted last year and stays true to its pony-car roots

NASCAR Monopoly

I know, there are many NASCAR board games available. In the Dale Earnhardt variation, you can purchase cars that he drove. In the Fantasy Drivers one, you can set the driver’s destinations. This one, the Collector edition, allow you to purchase not only cars, but also whole teams. That is what makes it quite interesting.

Nascar Collector’s Edition Monopoly

While you delight yourself with iconic players such as Bill Elliott, Dale Jr., Jeff Gordon and Rusty Wallace, the game also captivates us with its flashy neon graphics. The tokens are an extra attraction: you can pick a figurine holding the checkered flag, a semi-truck, a gearshift lever and, of course, a typical racing car.

Main features

  • Many references to players and teams will delight NASCAR fans
  • One of the best editions of the Monopoly game based on NASCAR
  • Great gift option for people who only know younger NASCAR drivers

Did you know?

  • NASCAR, like other races, has helped the of urban cars
  • This is yet another awesome gift pick for people who like
  • The graphics pay tribute to the , a NASCAR classic

Nürburgring Monopoly

True car fans admire the German circuit because of how challenging it is. The best automakers use it when testing new cars because it offers a chance to test their dynamic behavior to the maximum. Now, you can enjoy the “Green Hell”, as it is nicknamed, in a completely safe way from the comfort of your living room!

Nürburgring Monopoly

In this Monopoly game, you can buy parts of the famous circuit like the Schwedenkreuz and the Galgenkof curves. You will also have cool tokens to choose from, such as a helmet, a tire, or an F1 car. However, you will have to brush up your foreign language skills: the entire Monopoly board game is written in German.

Main features

  • Awesome chance to learn ein bisschen of the German language
  • Key areas such as the jail are the same, so the game is easy to play
  • One of the best gift options for true collectors of car board games

Did you know?

  • The fastest street-legal car is the Mercedes-AMG One (6:30.705)
  • The fastest station wagon car is the (7:35.060)
  • The fastest is the Renault Mégane R.S. Trophy-R (7:40.100)

V8 Supercars Monopoly

Australia has built a strong reputation in terms of cars and racing is definitely a part of that. This edition is based on the most prestigious racing teams of that region, like Erebus Motorsport V8, Lockwood Racing and Red Bull Australia Racing. You can also enjoy Sydney 500 and Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 races.

I understand that the appeal of this car Monopoly edition is limited. However, if you are not an enthusiast of Australian racing, you can take this board game as a chance to learn more about a whole other side of car competitions. This specific edition has even had a limited run whose profits went to charity ventures.

Main features

  • Enough attention to detail to make any racing fans delighted
  • Not many games have variations that help charitable projects
  • Classic tokens and hotels bring a sense of Monopoly familiarity

Did you know?

  • The Sydney 500 was held from 2009 to 2016. 250 km in 74 laps
  • Nicknamed “The Great Race”, the Bathurst 1000 was first held in 1960
  • Adelaide 500 is the largest V8 Supercars in Australia by crowd numbers
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