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What We Can Learn From Ford Motor Company Marketing Strategies

Ford is a name synonymous with both transportation and success. Not only was this industrial giant the catalyst for the development and production of mass vehicles, but the Ford company has also blazed the trail on financing innovation and even utilities. Since 1903 they have established themselves as the front runners in just about every industrial nation on the planet and have sealed a legacy as the inventor of the modern vehicle. But what is it about the Ford methods that have made them so timelessly successful?

The Ford Motor Company understands that success is more than just a bottom line. It is about creating systems and methods that will endure over decades to encourage not only sales but also build a company culture that excites employees and encourages them to be a part of the journey. It is also about marketing strategies that invite customers to be a part of the journey, rather than leaving customers feeling like they were tricked somehow. Let’s take a quick look at some of the Ford marketing strategies that we can learn from today.

Mixed Marketing Approach

Like many other companies, Ford uses a mixed marketing approach. This basically means that they do not put all of their eggs in one proverbial basket. Diversifying the types of automotive digital marketing strategies you invest in is essential to success and growth. It also provides a vital opportunity to learn what does and does not work. Let’s take a look at some of the marketing techniques that are incorporated by the Ford Motor Company.


This is the method of marketing that segments target audiences into specific demographics and then appeals to each demographic on an individual basis. Segmentation can be done either through psychographic, demographic, or geographic parameters. Using this method has helped Ford Motor to evolve its marketing strategies to the ever-evolving needs of each demographic over time.


Closely aligned with segmentation is targeting. Specifically, Ford uses differentiated targeting so that it can offer specific products to specific groups.


Positioning is a Ford marketing strategy that builds a certain image and emotional bond in the minds of customers. Ford has been so good at this particular type of marketing that families even show family allegiance and loyalty as “Ford families,” meaning just about every member of the family (immediate and extended) will all loyally buy Ford vehicles. This is not an uncommon thing in America.

Marketing Advantages

Beyond marketing strategies, there are other aspects of Ford Motor Company that also provide the company with specific advantages. One of these advantages is intellectual property. The company was founded on the simple fact that Henry Ford has something that no one else had. Today, this same reality continues to fuel the growth and success of Ford as they currently own over 35,000 active patents. This keeps the company intellectually superior to many other companies that are simply not making the same types of innovations.

Another advantage would be the historical stronghold the company has held in developed nations. Because Ford was first, they have a head start over many other companies in terms of how they have built its presence in other countries.

One of the most important advantages, however, is manufacturing units. The Ford Motor Company has over 65 plants across the globe. This ensures that prices can stay affordable while the company continues to grow as a global entity.

Forward Thinking in the Digital Age

Ford acknowledges that the only way to grow is to evolve, and that is why Ford is incorporating breakthrough digital marketing initiatives through SOCi’s digital marketing platforms. These new innovations allow for social media marketing that is sophisticated enough to target customers locally while also maintaining a global reach.

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