Best Gifts for F1 fans

Check out our top picks in terms of F1 gifts for that person in your life who is passionate about Formula One

Audi F1 concept car (source: Audi)

We all have that person in our lives. Whether they are a relative, a close friend, or simply an acquaintance, there is always an F1 fan in our social circle. That person who does not miss a race, especially if they have an opportunity to watch it in person. That is also the person who knows all sorts of details about the season’s cars, drivers, specifications, and latest news.

At first glance, it seems difficult to find a gift for such people. After all, they know so much about the sport that all products may look commonplace to them. Fortunately, that issue is no longer a problem for you. In this article, we are going to list not only recommendations, but categories of them. This way, you will surely find the best gifts for F1 fans in the market.


Sure, we can get a lot of information from the Internet or the TV. However, a book lends a special touch to everything. You can find that go deep in specific topics like the history of a team, or the evolution of F1 cars. Besides, most of them are in terms of graphic design that they make wonderful candidates to decorate their coffee table.


Some F1 fans pretty much breathe racing. Watching races is their main hobby, they check all the news throughout the day… For such intense F1 fans, our best recommendation is to fuel their intensity. They will simply adore F1-themed items such as T-shirts, jackets, caps, mugs, or watches. The best part is that it will be quite easy to find an option that fits your budget.

Model cars

If you think that those are toys, you could not be further from the truth. F1 model cars are scale replicas, where all details are represented with high accuracy. True F1 fans will marvel at them, from the to the grooves on the tires. You will only have to investigate the person’s favorite team, of course. If you can find their favorite driver too, it is even better.


This item was all the rage in the , a time when F1 fans would decorate their bedrooms with posters of all kinds. If the person lived in those times, this gift will have a nostalgic side they will never forget. However, it will be a wonderful gift even for younger F1 fans. Modern graphic design has made which the person will definitely want to frame.

Race tickets

2022 Mercedes-AMG F1 car (source: WheelsAge)

Pretty much the most impactful option in this list. What could be more suitable to an F1 fan than the opportunity to enjoy their favorite sport in practice? We know that this is also the least affordable option, so it is a matter of balance. This gift is only recommendable if you really want to impress that person. We are sure that they will never forget an F1 race ticket.

Lego Technic

While some fans enjoy accurate replicas, others prefer the Lego approach. In other words, they prefer to get a box of separate pieces and themselves. This is not a worse option in any way; think of it as a great gift interpreted in a different language. If the F1 fan in your life has hinted that they enjoy Lego car sets, there is nothing else to consider.


2022 Aston Martin AMR22 (source: WheelsAge)

While the topics above are more suitable for diehard F1 fans, there are others who enjoy the sport from a distance. They consume content and enjoy learning news and history, but their lives do not revolve around it. make a great F1 gift because they allow them to find whatever they want at the pace they want. They will surely appreciate that gift.


This item consists of authentic replicas or, in some cases, the original items themselves. It is the case with helmets, race suits and used by actual F1 drivers. Since those items tend to be expensive, we recommend them for F1 fans who are truly close to you. If that is the case, make sure to learn their favorite team and driver. That will make a huge difference.

F1 Games

This recommendation is more versatile. Since there are F1 games of all types and for all ages, it is hard to go wrong with it. Some people prefer video games while others enjoy good, old board games. If you know their preference, it will be hard to go wrong with this F1 gift. Now, we advise you to brace yourself: the F1 fan is going to ask you to play with them every time!

Sim controllers

The latest technologies have made go through a revolution in the past few years. F1 fans can surely benefit from that by using high-quality controller items such as steering wheels, pedals, and even gearshift levers. Truly realistic experiences can only come from a complete video game F1 cockpit, sure, but even one of those items is capable of making F1 gaming much more enjoyable.

We browsed through countless options to write this guide. As you have just read, there are F1 gifts for adults and children, people of modern and vintage tastes, and in all price ranges. Once you check all the products we have featured, we are sure that you are going to make a beautiful impact on that person’s life. Now, it is time for you to enjoy F1-themed shopping!

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