Best Car Door Speakers 2023

We all enjoy high sound quality, right? This guide is going to show you key characteristics when buying car speakers along with brief reviews of our top picks

Speakers for cars have become a standard feature these days. Even generalist car models bring complete sound systems, albeit basic ones. The thing is, sometimes that system is just too basic for what you want. Or you have decided to invest in your car, so you want to take its door speakers to the next level. Either way, it is quite common to fall into the situation where you want to look for upgrade possibilities.

If you have already done an initial search, you surely have seen that the market offers countless solutions. There are many brands, many types of bass speakers, many levels of technical specifications… and, as you can imagine, many price ranges. This article aims to help you browse all those options. Here, we show you a brief explanation of key points in the topic and our top picks in terms of sound system for car doors.

Example of Rockford Fosgate car speakers (source: Amazon)

Key characteristics of door speakers

Cone material comes in many options. There are speakers made of glass fiber, paper, plastic, even metal; the most common for cars, however, is polypropylene. Cones are the components that make the vibration which becomes sound. Therefore, they must combine stiffness (which translates into physical durability), low density (less resistance to waste energy), and internal damping properties (that reduces distortion).

Example of Kicker car speakers (source: Amazon)

Frequency range is related to the sound effect on which you want to focus. Bass, for example, is obtained at frequencies from 60 Hz to 250 Hz. You need to search for speakers with a stronger response in the low frequency range in order to get a strong and clear bass effect from your door speakers. Conversely, you will get a strong tweeter effect if your sound system has speakers that work better at higher frequencies.

Peak power is an important aspect if you listen to loud music. Normal sound reproduction has occasional power spikes that may cause distortion if the system is not prepared for them. Not to mention that going through that frequently will damage the speakers in the long run. It is important for you to purchase door speakers which can handle the intensity of use you are planning to make, even if they cost a little more.

Example of JBL car speakers (source: Amazon)

Top Picks on Car Speakers for Bass and Sound Quality in 2023

Now that we have covered the basics, it is time to present our reviews! We are going to start by compiling them on the table below. They all rank high on Amazon, so we have firm proof that many customers have tried them and had a great experience. And, of course, we made that table using the technical criteria that we have just shown above. Below that table, we will move on to individual reviews of those car speakers.

Product nameCone materialFrequency rangePeak powerBuy now!
JBL CLUB6520Carbon-composite53 Hz – 21 KHz300 WCheck price
BOSS CH6530Polyurethane100 Hz – 18 KHz300 WCheck price
Pioneer TS-F1634RPolypropylene20 Hz – 28 KHz200 WCheck price
Skar TX65Glass fiber45 Hz – 20 KHz200 WCheck price
DS18 PRO-TW120BAluminum2 KHz – 20KHz300 WCheck price
JVC CS-J620Mica35 Hz – 22 KHz300 WCheck price
DS18 PRO-X6.4BMPaper125 Hz – 12 KHz500 WCheck price
Pyle PL63BLPolyester90 Hz – 20 KHz360 WCheck price
Kicker 43DSC69304Polypropylene30 Hz – 20 KHz360 WCheck price
Polk DB522Polypropylene55 Hz – 22 KHz300 WCheck price
Best car door speakers for Bass and Sound Quality 2023

The following topics show each of those door speakers in a brief review. We have compiled the important features of each model along with its pros and cons. This way, you can get an overview of the best-selling car speakers before making any decision. Then again, if you decide to narrow down those options to your own shortlist, we recommend you visit the manufacturer’s website to dig deeper into their specifications.

Example of Skar Audio car speakers (source: Amazon)

JBL CLUB6520 – Best overall

We have all heard of JBL, even those who are not that interested in sound systems. The manufacturer has become famous not only for its high quality, but also for its strong market image. These JBL car speakers are the best in the company’s portfolio in terms of bass and sound quality. They come in the regular size of 6.5 inches but feature larger cones than usual to move more air and produce a deeper bass effect.

JBL CLUB6520 (source: Amazon)

What places them among the best car speakers is the UniPivot tweeter, which sends the sound aiming at your ears (and away from the floor) regardless of their position. As a result, you will get a clean and crisp sound which is comparable to that of more complex systems. On the downside, these door speakers use a specific bolt pattern. You will probably need an adapter or even drill new screw holes to install them.

Best features

  • Larger cone can move more air and that produces much better bass
  • Low-impedance speakers make efficient use of any type of car wiring
  • UniPivot tweeter provides excellent quality regardless of its position
  • Frame material offers superior durability in many conditions of use.

Pros and cons

  • Durable enough for off-road vehicles
  • Awesome tweeter quality with UniPivot
  • Larger cone provides better bass effect
  • The most expensive speakers on the list
  • Unusual bolt pattern adds installation issues
  • The lowest peak power on the list
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The price difference from the JBL car speakers anticipates that this model is focused on value. BOSS Audio has a wide range of door speakers with reasonable sound quality and high build quality. After all, they are equipped with a polymer cone protected by a rubber layer. The piezoelectric tweeter can withstand high loads without needing a crossover. Besides, the stamped baskets contribute to the whole set’s stiffness.

BOSS CH6530 (source: Amazon)

The frequency range is not the best in case you are looking for a killer bass effect. On the other hand, the peak power is higher than that of many door speakers that are more expensive. Overall, this is a balanced set that will deliver reasonable quality when playing all types of music. The issue is that this description is pretty much the same as a stock sound system, so it might not be the best alternative as an upgrade.

Best features

  • Wide range of available sizes brings a good option for all users
  • Excellent value compared to the sound quality the device provides
  • Basket structure is resistant enough to deliver superior quality
  • High-resistance tweeter can work well even without a crossover

Pros and cons

  • Resistant basket delivers high sound quality
  • Tweeters can work even without a crossover
  • Door speakers provide high peak power
  • Value proposition may make it not so good
  • The small size may not look good in the car
  • Build quality is below the category standard
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Pioneer TS-F1634R – Best Bass Frequency

Sometimes, we do not need the absolute best. Whether because we cannot afford it, we do not want to spend so much money on that, or we would simply not be able to appreciate the difference. This is what occurs here; if you are not an audiophile, you will be more than pleased with these Pioneer car speakers. They will not win any sound quality prize, but they can definitely improve your car’s stock audio quality.

Pioneer TS-F1634R (source: Amazon)

Then again, that does not mean that these door speakers are bad. On the contrary, their box comes with everything you need to install them, and they offer the best frequency range for bass in this list. You may also like to know that they are the second cheapest ones here. Good sound quality surely becomes even more pleasant when you have to pay less for it, right? Check out more information on the lists below.

Best features

  • Second cheapest on this entire list of car speakers
  • Great sound quality considering it is a budget device
  • Best frequency range for great bass effect on this list
  • Comes with all the necessary items for its installation

Pros and cons

  • Very low price for the quality it offers
  • Great frequency range for a base device
  • Handsome and discreet overall appearance
  • Definitely not the best audio quality
  • Low price takes a toll on build quality
  • Tweeters have no adjustments at all
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Skar TX65

While most of the other brands featured here work with audio products in general, Skar focuses on audio equipment for cars. That makes it offer a wide range of items, so you can choose anything from a simple upgrade to a completely new installation. The speakers featured here fall into the first category; they aim to deliver superior overall quality without demanding you to make a huge investment in door speakers.

Skar TX65 (source: Amazon)

As you can see, the frequency range and the peak power imply balanced performance; the 1″ silk-dome tweeters do the same. These are not specialized devices; they improve the audio experience of those who are not audiophiles. Some interesting features are the 89 dB sensitivity, lower than usual, and the copper voice coil, which makes the whole set more resistant. It is an appropriate device to use in the long run.

Best features

  • Excellent balance of all frequency ranges
  • Material selection favors overall resistance
  • Manufacturer specializes in automotive audio
  • Lower sensitivity threshold than usual

Pros and cons

  • Self-sufficient for everyday requirements
  • Overall build ensures high durability
  • Accurate sound reproduction in all ranges
  • One of the most expensive on the list
  • Customer service could be much better
  • Low RMS and peak power
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The best-selling tweeter set on Amazon has an interesting minimalist design. Rather than chrome trim or flashy colors, it comes in matte black. DS18’s distinctive trait is the “bullet design”, which is a special dust cover that protects the device’s core. The company aims to deliver professional-grade quality with a set of car tweeters that cost one of the lowest prices in this entire list of door speakers for superior sound.

DS18 PRO-TW120B (source: Amazon)

By investing in aftermarket tweeters, you can help the regular speakers; they divide the work to make sure you will hear accurate and crisp sound regardless of the frequency. As if that was not enough, the “super tweeters”, as DS18 refers to them, feature a built-in crossover and an aluminum core structure. This way, they achieve maximum durability and do not require you to spend money on other devices to use them.

Best features

  • Integrated crossover avoids additional investments
  • Minimalist design fits well in almost every car cabin
  • Affordable price despite high sound quality
  • Unique bullet design looks good and aids durability

Pros and cons

  • No need to invest in a crossover as well
  • Looks very good without being flashy
  • Bullet design is a distinctive visual trait
  • Peak power is not among the highest ones
  • Subpar quality for audiophile standards
  • Low frequency range
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JVC CS-J620 – Best Price

Yes, we know that the cheapest products are often far from the best ones. JVC’s door speakers do not try to be perfect, but they do succeed at their value proposition. They feature a rather high peak power, and use a wide selection of materials to concile crisp sound quality with durable build. Then again, it does not let you forget that it is almost four times cheaper than some of the other car speakers featured here.

JVC CS-J620 (source: Amazon)

While the device looks good on photos, installing it makes it easy to notice that it is not premium. Overall build and appearance quality are definitely not the top features here. Besides that, one can only go so far in terms of sound quality on such a tight budget. These car door speakers are only interesting if you have low cost as the priority – in cases like replacing a device that has broken all of a sudden, for example.

Best features

  • Simply the lowest price of the entire list
  • Impressively high peak power despite low RMS
  • Wide material selection includes a mica cone
  • Handsome and discreet overall appearance

Pros and cons

  • The lowest investment you can make here
  • High peak power for a budget device
  • It should look good on many car cabins
  • Bass effect is definitely not one of the best
  • Build quality clearly shows the low budget
  • Low RMS power eve for a budget device
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DS18 PRO-X6.4BM – Best Peak Power

The reason why DS18 appears again on this list is that its door speakers are also among Amazon’s best-sellers. We can easily explain that from several points of view: the gorgeous design with that shiny central bullet in red; the impressive peak power of 500 W (the highest on this list); the balanced frequency range that goes well with everything; and the high variety of sizes, which should leave no one unattended.

DS18 PRO-X6.4BM (source: Amazon)

We all know how it goes with mid-range car speakers. They do not excel at anything, sure, but they do a great job especially if you are not looking for professional-grade sound. But, if you do want to take things to the next level, you could always pair them to the DS18 mentioned above. A unique characteristic here is the long list of options: you can specify these car speakers’ design, its size, and even its impedance.

Best features

  • Stunning design with the central bullet in red
  • Awesome mid-range frequency capabilities
  • Impressive variety of options to choose from
  • The highest peak power of the entire list

Pros and cons

  • You can choose size, impedance, and style
  • Unique bullet design aids durability
  • Impressive peak power of 500 W
  • Red color will surely not go well on all cars
  • Listed price only includes one speaker
  • Does not excel at any frequency range
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Pyle PL63BL

The overall size of this device anticipates that it aims to perform well in all frequency ranges. Peak power is high, the large overall size helps make it resistant, and the skilled selection of materials keeps its weight under control. It can also reproduce tweeter effect to some extent, and it features a voice coil that resists long reproduction periods. Within the budget range, it is a great option for intense and extended use.

Pyle PL63BL (source: Amazon)

On the other hand, it is easy to see that visual refinement is not its strongest suit. The overall appearance looks cheap and that blue color will definitely not be a people-pleaser. The pseudo-futuristic design is not one of the best, either. Again, it is a budget device. It will be a great match if you do not have audiophile requirements and, even more, if you are looking to tune your whole car in sort of a Fast & Furious way.

Best features

  • Overall build quality makes it durable under intense use
  • Nice selection of materials keeps its weight low
  • It is one of the most affordable devices on the list
  • Performs well on all frequencies for a budget device

Pros and cons

  • Affordable price for the overall quality
  • Low weight thanks to material selection
  • High resistance even in extended use
  • Build quality is not one of the best
  • Futuristic design is definitely not a favorite
  • Bright blue color does not fit all cabins
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Kicker 43DSC69304

Four decades of experience allows us to state that Kicker’s door speakers are among the best ones on the list. The company has a wide range of audio devices and not only for cars, so rest assured that they have many options to offer. In this case, the complex design of these car speakers shows us that they feature Kicker’s latest technology despite being budget devices. The price is high but includes the pair of units.

Kicker 43DSC69304 (source: Amazon)

The polypropylene cones are rigid and feature detailed geometry; the voice coil has the EVC technology, and there is a high-sensitivity DS motor. Everything helps this device reach high peak power while being great at all frequency ranges and lasting for a long time. The biggest issue which will require attention is that it might be difficult to install. You will definitely want to watch tutorial videos for these speakers!

Best features

  • Reliable and experienced manufacturer
  • Great performance on all frequency ranges
  • Discreet appearance should fit well in all cars
  • Several technologies to increase sound quality

Pros and cons

  • Cutting-edge technologies boost quality
  • Discreet design goes well in most cars
  • Kicker has over 40 years of experience
  • Speakers can be difficult to install
  • Among the most expensive on the list
  • One of the highest weights on the list
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Polk DB522

These door speakers are meant for several types of use, not only cars. As a result, they are the only ones on this list which feature the IP55 water and dirt resistance certificate. When it comes to cars, that makes them perfect, especially for off-road SUVs and pickup trucks. Then again, keep in mind that investing in them for that purpose is only worth it if you regularly drive in the woods, crossing small rivers and all.

Polk DB522 (source: Amazon)

When it comes to the car speakers themselves, they offer a rather balanced package. The manufacturer claims they are simple to install, they are UV resistant, and they use polypropylene cones to obtain higher durability. Besides, they are lighter than most of the others featured here. As you can see, these speakers are focused on non-urban use, so they exchange some audio excellence for overall physical resistance.

Best features

  • Only speakers on the list that feature IP55 certificate
  • Compact size and simple installation are included
  • Discreet design is sure to fit well in many vehicles
  • Solid build quality should withstand extended use

Pros and cons

  • Water, brine, and dust resistance
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Handsome and discreet appearance
  • Subpar performance compared to others
  • Far from the cheapest options on the list
  • No options of size or design
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We know that not everyone is satisfied with the stock audio system of their cars. We also know that, while we all want something better, not everyone is willing to spend a fortune on upgrading it. This list of best budget factory replacement car speakers is meant to try and help you find a balanced solution. There are top picks, of course, but they are all good options for a natural sound without costing too much.

Kicker 43DSC69304 (source: Amazon)
  • If you are looking for the best bass effect, the Pioneer TS-F1634R is surely going to meet your needs.
  • The prize of budget pick, however, goes to the JVC CS-J620 because of its good compromise.
  • And if you can invest some more, the JBL CLUB6520 is the best overall selection.
  • Our honorable mention is the Polk DB522, since it is the only one with a certificate for water and dust resistance. Perfect for off-road vehicles!

Then again, we do not want you to only take our word for all that. Upgrading your door speakers requires a lot of money and, if you do it yourself, time and effort. It is always good to visit a store, read the details on the device’s box, and see other reviews. That is a sure way to obtain as much information as possible. The final part of this list of best component speakers is the brief list of questions and answers below.

JBL GTO629 (source: Amazon)

Frequently asked questions

What do you need to know to upgrade car speakers?

First, you need to know that there are many options. You may want general speakers to take care of everything with moderate quality and low price. Or you might prefer to use specialized equipment and invest more in it. Then, it is a matter of browsing the available options. Take your time to do that; the best way to find a great deal is to go through the options with patience and attention.

What is a good frequency response for car speakers?

We recommend the Pioneer TS-F1634R because of the best frequency range for bass. That is one of the most noticeable effects on sound quality, so it is a good parameter to base your selection of a budget system. In that case, it is preferrable for the system to offer a wide range focused on lower frequencies.

How long do car door speakers last?

If you take care of them physically and do not try to exceed their work capacity, door speakers can improve your audio experience for years. When it comes to warranty, the best practice is always to visit the manufacturer’s website. That will give you access to the coverage’s exact details.