Opel Corsa Celebrates 40 Years in its Best Shape

Originally released in 1982, the Opel Corsa has traveled around the world using many brands, names, and body styles

Preserving nameplates for many years is a challenging strategy, but it can also be deliciously rewarding. It is certainly difficult for Opel to keep up with multiple cars building strong traditions at the same time. On the other hand, there is always one of them reaching a special anniversary like now. The Corsa may not have the market scope of years ago, but its fortieth anniversary has definitely come at a great moment.

Opel and Vauxhall have released a special edition limited to 1,982 and 1,000 units, respectively. It comes in Rekord Red, a shade originally used in its first generation. The car also uses several trim items in black, glossy-black wheels, and an exclusive seat upholstery; it mimics that of the Nova SR, which was the sporty Corsa that Vauxhall offered back in the 1980s. Let us take a quick look at the Corsa’s history, shall we?

First and sixth generations of the Opel Corsa
The Opel Corsa is now in its sixth generation; it is the first one with a fully electric version (source: Opel)

Opel Corsa was only the first chapter

The first generation arrived with modest pretensions; few body styles and trim levels were available. Over time, people noticed it was a great competitor to superminis such as Renault 5 and Peugeot 205 and sales increased. Opel gradually gave it more variations, including the iconic GSi, and the car made its name in the market. However, it would only become a global phenomenon in the second phase, released in 1993.

The “Corsa B” brought an affordable project with modern style at a time when many GM branches needed something like that. It received the sedan version in Brazil along with exclusive station wagon and pickup bodies. The project became a top seller in many countries including Argentina and China; it arrived in the latter as the Buick Sail and became the very first responsible for the brand’s success in that region.

Over time, the Opel Corsa focused on its home region once again. It became a strong competitor in the supermini segment following European standards, while other regions received local successors. Several years later, it now reaches four decades in line sporting a fully electric version for the first time. Here, we decided to celebrate its success with a dedicated quiz of assorted difficulty levels. We hope you like it!

Opel Corsa 40 Years Quiz


Congratulations! You know so much about the Corsa that Opel should invite you to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Almost there! Keep in mind that the list of questions changes every time you refresh the page. We’re sure you can get them all right!

#1. The Opel Corsa is currently in the sixth generation. It was released in 2019 and brought many big improvements for the first time. What was one of the most important ones?

The Corsa’s current generation was distinguished for bringing a fully electric version for the first time. It is named e-Corsa.

#2. Years ago, Fiat and GM had a short-lived partnership which led to some common projects. One of them was a platform that spawned the Alfa Romeo MiTo, the final Fiat Punto, and a generation of the Opel Corsa. Which generation was that?

That platform was named Small Common Components and Systems (SCCS) and had its first use in 2005, when it spawned the Fiat Grande Punto. Opel used it for the Corsa’s fourth and fifth generations.

#3. There was a time when Opel gave the Corsa a coupé sibling. The model was based on its second and third generations, the latter being turned into a convertible with rigid roof. What was the name of this new model?

The coupé model Opel once derived from the Corsa is named Tigra. It debuted as a coupé with a bubble glass on the rear, and went to the second generation adopting the convertible body and the TwinTop surname.

#4. Opel has had a compact van on sale since 1986, but it has been based on different models of its lineup. It was based on the Corsa from 1993 to 2011, which included two generations. What is the name of that van?

That van is the Combo. Its first generation was derived from the Kadett. Once the Corsa phase ended, the next one was based on the Fiat Doblò, followed by Stellantis’ group multivan platform.

#5. The second-generation Opel Corsa was sold in many countries under different identities. Most of them received regional updates and, unfortunately, not all of them were visually balanced. What is the name of this one?

That is the Chevrolet Chevy, more specifically in its C2 phase. That giant front grille was designed in Mexico and, fortunately, sold only there.