Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels 2022

Steering wheels are an essential part of any car tuning project. Whether you are looking for a radical makeover or simply want to drive more comfortably, they are very useful. There are many options of shape, material and design available, one for every taste. Then again, that is also the reason why finding the ideal one for your car may be a difficult task.

This article shows ten steering wheels with the best user ratings available on Amazon. Keep in mind that removing the original one takes away the driver’s airbag as well. It is also important to carefully read the user’s manual to avoid technical problems when performing the replacement. We hope that the model you choose makes you enjoy driving your car more than ever!


Momo EAG35BK0S

Momo steering wheel
  • 5 stars: 95% of 49 ratings
  • Color: Black, Anthracite gray
  • Diameter: 350 mm
  • Material: Leather, anodized aluminum
  • Use: Universal fit
  • Price: $251.50 on Amazon

The flat bottom says it all: it is a performance steering wheel. Anthracite aluminum and black leather finish perfectly blends into any cabin design while the perforated leather ensures adequate grip. There is also an angular design inspired in fighter jets and a matte black horn button. This is a great option to consider if you want to make your driving experience sportier than ever.

Pro: Anatomic design is great for performance cars

Con: Sporty appearance is too retro for some cars

NRG Innovations RST-006RD-Y

NRG steering wheel
  • 5 stars: 90% of 57 ratings
  • Color: Black, multiple options
  • Diameter: 350 mm
  • Material: Leather, aluminum
  • Use: Off-road vehicles
  • Price: $119.28 on Amazon

If you are proud of your car’s color, look no further. NRG’s steering wheel comes in a variety of colors and features a classic three-spoke design made in aluminum. It was designed for off-road vehicles, so reduced weight is more important than fancy trim here. The external ring is covered in leather, so you will be able to enjoy your weekend getaways with plenty of safety when driving.

Pro: Countless color schemes to choose from

Con: Only suitable to off-road vehicles

Sparco 015R345MLN

Sparco steering wheel
  • 5 stars: 93% of 36 ratings
  • Color: Black, yellow ring
  • Diameter: 350 mm
  • Material: Leather, aluminum
  • Use: Universal fit
  • Price: $219.95 on Amazon

One of the favorite suppliers for car tuning would surely make it to this selection. Sparco made a leather steering wheel with a classic design which will perfectly fit in any performance car. The yellow ring gives it a distinctive touch while the external ring made in leather optimizes your grip. While there are no options of color or trim, the universal fit should make its installation free of any hassles.

Pro: High-quality construction makes it durable

Con: No appearance options whatsoever

Grant 829 Classic

Grant steering wheel
  • 5 stars: 88% of 153 ratings
  • Color: Black, silver
  • Diameter: 350 mm
  • Material: Foam, aluminum
  • Use: Universal fit
  • Price: $51.29 on Amazon

Give your car a 1970s feel with a typical deep-dish steering wheel! Grant’s classic model is inspired in the old days when small diameters were in fashion. While it may require higher effort to steer, the extra thick will surely provide you all the safety when doing so. Keep in mind that you also need to purchase Grant’s Standard Installation Kit 3000 or 4000 in order to properly use this product.

Pro: Deep-dish design is suitable to classic cars

Con: Small diameter makes the car hard to steer

Kyostar KD8237BK

Kyostar steering wheel
  • 5 stars: 78% of 49 ratings
  • Color: Wood, black
  • Diameter: 350 mm
  • Material: Wood, aluminum
  • Use: Universal fit
  • Price: $99.99 on Amazon

Nostalgic drivers will love this one. Kyostar brings back the muscle car era with a deep dish steering wheel whose main feature is the wooden ring. Both that material and the aluminum of the three spokes feature the highest quality in order to maximize its durability. Besides, it includes a horn button and has universal fit. Keep in mind that your car must use a boss kit beforehand.

Pro: Affordable price with good build quality

Con: Cheap appearance and feel

NRG Innovations RST-036GD-S

NRG steering wheel
  • 5 stars: 94% of 31 ratings
  • Color: Black, red, gold
  • Diameter: 350 mm
  • Material: Suede, aluminum
  • Use: Universal fit
  • Price: $147.12 on Amazon

Is leather not your thing? NRG’s portfolio has no problem with that! This steering wheel applies suede on the outer ring in black with red stitching. While the three solid spokes are shown in gold here, the official website offers this model in many other options, including “Digital Camo” and “Floral”. If your car tuning project presents a specific theme, this might be the best option to match it.

Pro: Rare alternative to suede upholstery

Con: Most color options may look tacky

Grant 414 Challenger

Grant steering wheel
  • 5 stars: 73% of 542 ratings
  • Color: Black
  • Diameter: 350 mm
  • Material: Foam, steel
  • Use: Universal fit
  • Price: $73.32 on Amazon

Have you ever heard of a three-dimensional design for steering wheels? This is what Grant provides you with the model shown above. The four double spokes are arranged in two planes to give a unique look, while the foam ring provides excellent grip. The eight bolts, however, are merely decorative. Keep in mind that you also need the Grant Standard Installation Kit to use this product.

Pro: Cheap to purchase and easy to install

Con: Design may be too simple for some cars

Momo R1909/33L

Momo steering wheel
  • 5 stars: Too few ratings so far
  • Color: Black
  • Diameter: 330 mm
  • Material: Foam, aluminum
  • Use: Universal fit
  • Price: $229.95 on Amazon

All-black steering wheels have timeless charm. They are a staple on performance cars and perfectly blend into the design of any cabin. As if that was not enough, Momo is a reference in the market segment itself. This wheel features brushed aluminum spokes and leather rim so as to maximize your grip while keeping total weight to a minimum. We are sure it will do wonders for your car!

Pro: Classic design for performance cars

Con: Not much feedback about its quality yet

RUNIGOO 190731

RUNIGOO steering wheel
  • 5 stars: 74% of 259 ratings
  • Color: Black, yellow
  • Diameter: 350 mm
  • Material: Suede, aluminum
  • Use: Universal fit
  • Price: $69.98 on Amazon

This one is for people who like deep-dish design but not to the point of the Grant steering wheel shown some items above. RUNIGOO’s model shows a modern design with suede rim and three metallic spokes. The all-black design is only broken by the fashionable yellow ring on top. Installation should be easy and simple in most passenger cars thanks to the universal fit.

Pro: Deep-dish design with conventional look

Con: Inexpressive overall appearance

Nardi N140

Nardi steering wheel
  • 5 stars: 88% of 38 ratings
  • Color: Brown, silver
  • Diameter: 390 mm
  • Material: Mahogany, aluminum
  • Use: Universal fit
  • Price: $469.95 on Amazon

There is a reason for the price increase compared to the others. The rim of Nardi’s steering wheel applies fine polished mahogany wood, while the three spokes are made of polished aluminum. It is a whole new standard of elegance designed for classic cars. If you take a look at what customers have written about it, you are going to see comments such as “this is a work of art”.

Pro: As beautiful as it is well-built

Con: As expensive as it is well-built

Frequently asked questions

Are aftermarket steering wheels illegal?

No. If your car did not come from the factory with an airbag, you can safely replace the steering wheel for an aftermarket one.

Now, there are no laws against doing that when the original one had an airbag. On the other hand, since aftermarket steering wheels do not have the means to receive an airbag, you would be taking it out of your car in the end. That, unfortunately, is illegal.

Are aftermarket steering wheels legal in California?

The best solution for any North-American state is to visit your local DMV (for example: California DMV). Asking others, even police officers, may lead you to conflicting information. To stay on the safe side, it is better to talk directly to the people who would effectively process your fine if you ever got one because of that item.

Are aftermarket steering wheels legal in Canada?

According to the DOT Canada, yes, as long as they have a horn switch. Aftermarket steering wheels are only illegal there if they were incorrectly installed.

Do aftermarket steering wheels have airbags?

No, and that is their biggest problem. Manufacturers design aftermarket steering wheels for cars in general, so it is impossible for one of them to accept airbags from all models of all makers.

Conversely, even if an aftermarket wheel had an airbag of its own, it would be difficult to link it with the electronic system of all cars in order to make it work with the same reliability as the factory airbag.

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