Ever Played Board Games About Cars?

Don’t let yourself think that board games are too static for cars. We made a list with examples that are just as exciting as any video game!

Board games are timeless classic. Older generations grew up surrounded by The Game of Life, Monopoly, and so many others. The rise of video games has driven them out of fashion, that is true, but never out of memory. In the recent years, board games have acquired a quite interesting vintage status. They have become a huge part of get-togethers with friends and there are even some bars which specialize in them.

When it comes to cars, it is natural to think that they are only appropriate for video games. After all, cars imply movement and dynamism; we do not tend to associate them to cardboard and pins. Fortunately, that is quite far from the truth. There are many car board games available, whether new or old, and they can be just as exciting as anything electronic. This article features a list of our recommendations for you.

Automania (2015)

$268.35 on Board Game Atlas


  • Modern take on a classic board theme
  • Fast pace guarantees a thrilling gameplay


  • Out of print – you can only get used units
  • There are other games with richer details

Ever wanted to be on the other side of the car world? Following some older board games, this one places you as the manager of a car factory. You have full power to hire professionals, customize the building and improve the assembly lines. An interesting difference is that the game has a much faster pace than that of its direct rivals. Gather a small group of friends and prepare: this game will thrill you turn after turn!

Downforce (2017)

$30.24 on Amazon


  • Distinctive game mechanics
  • Encourages you to be strategic


  • Too complex for casual play
  • Betting option may be off-putting

In real-life car racing, drivers have to consider the actions of others all the time. Why should racing board games be different? Here, each player’s card movements affect all cars, not only their own. Besides, there are several points in which you can bet on who will win and collect points for it. Do not be surprised if you find yourself in tricky situations; you might have to decide whether to win the race or the whole game!

Famous 500 (2012)

$6.00 on Noble Knight


  • Tiny size makes it highly portable
  • Simple gameplay makes it accessible


  • Too simple for experienced players
  • Not many resources may make it boring

While this game uses the typical racing structure, it is quite fast-paced. You can choose the track and tune your car at first, then you start the race. By playing speed cards, you shall move fast to become the first to reach the finish line. However, tougher sections of the track feature lower speed limits; disrespecting them accumulates wear. If you drive recklessly for too long, you might simply total your car and lose the game.

Formula D (2008)

$63.99 on Amazon


  • High player count (up to ten)
  • Several expansions available
  • Realistic emulation of racing in board games


  • Involves frequent calculations
  • Many variables to deal with

This is a complete racing board game: cars, tracks, even gearshift levers. You get to choose at what gear to drive while respecting each track section and staying away from the others. Reckless driving builds up car damage to a point where your car becomes totaled and you lose. A clever feature is the possibility to use expansions with different cities and tracks. However, it can be confusing for not so patient players.

Getaway Driver (2019)

$29.82 on Fowers Games


  • Simple gameplay makes it accessible
  • Quite appropriate for non-enthusiasts


  • It may be uninteresting for true car fans
  • Fast-paced nature may make it confusing

You know how GTA involves cars a lot but is not a car game? This game works with them in a similar way. Getaway Driver has one player using all possible resources to escape from law enforcement, so cars are only a part of the fun. Nevertheless, its fast-paced nature is a sure way to have a great time with another player. Besides, its simple theme and gameplay makes it quite accessible for players of multiple ages.

Kanban (2017)

$119.99 on Amazon


  • Impressive richness and detailing
  • Several difficulty levels available


  • Long gameplay might be off-putting
  • Only interesting if you really like cars

If you want a real challenge in board games, you are in for a treat. In this game, you are going to manage all parts of an automotive manufacturer. Assembly line, raw material supply, research and development… You have to overview a production line from beginning to end to meet the tough criteria set by Sandra, the company’s director. Will you be able to efficiently set just-in-time production in your car factory?

Kraftwagen (2015)

£48.01 on Zatu Games


  • Sophisticated and detailed gameplay
  • Uses several parts of the car world


  • Too complex for non-enthusiasts to enjoy
  • Low popularity makes it hard to find

This one is a combination of other board games seen here. You play as the owner of a start-up company that will research and develop new strategies to build cars. Then, you are going to put all that to practice in Grand Prix races to get money that will fund further works. Sadly, it has never become too popular. However, it definitely has enough overall refinement to become a favorite among true car enthusiasts.

PitchCar (1997)

$89.99 on Eagle-Gryphon Games


  • Impossible not to understand how to play
  • Immensely fun if you like this type of game


  • It may be too simple for most players
  • Rather expensive for what it offers

While it barely classifies among car racing board games, it is easily one of the most fun. The game comes with wooden pieces with which you will assemble your own racing track. Then, each player gets a wooden disc to lay on the starting line. The energy source is your fingers; more specifically, the flicks you will make on your disc so as to make it move. Can you imagine how chaotic it will be to play with seven people?

Rallyman GT (2020)

$44.99 on Amazon


  • Ability to design your own tracks
  • Playable individually or as a group


  • Risky gameplay may make it too hard
  • Too many dice bring too many calculations

Here, you start by building your own track. There are several dice to throw; you can accelerate by shifting gears up, or simply move forward. The thing is, you can make each curve at a certain speed at the risk of damaging your car. The more damage you accumulate, the more time you add to the lap as punishment. In the end, all players have to calculate their respective lap times; the shortest of them is the winner.

Thunder Alley (2014)

$54.35 on Amazon


  • Group strategies make gameplay refined
  • Appropriate for few and many players


  • Too many calculations may make it boring
  • It might be too difficult to create strategies

Yes, this is yet another racing game. The difference is that you control a team of cars, rather than just one. Therefore, you need to make all of them move together, otherwise you will have one winning car and still lose the match. As if that was not enough there are typical racing issues such as managing tire wear and pit stops. In the end, you have a wonderful board game to play with another person or a small group.

List of car board games

Automania20152 to 490 minAporta Games$268.35
Downforce20172 to 640 minRestoration Games$30.24
Famous 5002012230 minFamous Games Co$6.00
Formula D20082 to 1060 minZygomatic$63.99
Getaway Driver2019235 minUprorarious Games$29.82
Kanban20142 to 4120 minStronghold Games$119.99
Kraftwagen20152 to 490 minStronghold Games£48.01
Pitchcar19972 to 830 minFerti Games$89.99
Rallyman GT20201 to 660 minHoly Grail Games$44.99
Thunder Alley20142 to 790 minGMT Games$54.35
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