Minimalist Design Is Making E-bikes Prosper

E-bike startups are appearing everywhere with many distinctive styles. As it turns out, simple design is what really seals the deal

Electric propulsion is becoming mainstream in the transportation industry, but for distinct reasons. When it comes to cars, the main goal is to pollute less. Things are different with bicycles because there is pretty much no way to make them cleaner. People are embracing their electric form mostly for comfort; e-bikes provide environmentally friendly transportation without demanding athletic stamina from you.

If you research even just a little, you will see that there are many new manufacturers. And, of course, many new e-bikes going on sale month after month. While it is interesting to see such a variety, the truth is that people are already drawing specific preferences. In this article, we are going to make an initial analysis of that. However, since this is a topic in development, we will be happy to give it more articles over time!

The S5 is VanMoof’s e-bike model with a straight frame; it is lower on the A5 (source: VanMoof)

They surely are. China, Europe, and the US have been leading the way in e-bike consumption even before the latest health and political crises. The former uses lead-acid batteries to make the end product cheaper while the others invest in a premium touch. Either way, this market segment has grown to the point of an estimate of forty million units to be sold in 2023. That is definitely an irresistible potential to make use.

Giant Bicycles a leading e-bike manufacturer (source: Giant Bicycles)

When you ask people why they bought an e-bike, the answers show a pattern. According to eBicycles, the most common are to replace car trips, overcome hills more easily, and ride with less effort. In other words, it is a primarily utilitarian use. The industry is making electric cars seem futuristic and ultra-efficient. When it comes to e-bikes, people are seeing them as a more comfortable alternative to regular bicycles.

That customer profile helps explain the topic of this article. The market makes sure to offer e-bikes with a flashy, almost aggressive design like the NIU SQi. However, what people really want is something simple, with minimalist design. They want a bicycle as they have always had or, at least, seen on the streets. Only a bicycle with all the benefits of electric propulsion, so it will become more useful in their everyday life.

Honbike distinguishes its e-bikes because they do not need a chain, so they are much easier to fold (source: Honbike)

What is the ideal e-bike?

Take a look at this article’s pictures. Those e-bikes are similar to traditional ones in dimensions, colors, and overall appearance. In general, you can only tell they are electric because of their main structural beam; it is thicker than usual because the batteries lie inside it. Some of them simply replicate the traditional style while other models give it a new touch. The Cowboy 4 ST, for example, eliminates the upper beam.

The Pendler is an e-bike concept focused on practicality (source: Wallpaper Magazine)

Innovative styles would only be interesting for specific purposes, such as using a larger battery pack than usual. However, the truth is that only few customers would need that; those who use the e-bike for sports, for example. Most cyclists just need effortless and reliable transportation and have the means to recharge them periodically. Minimalist designs make their experience closer to that of traditional bicycles.

Now that e-bikes are growing steadily in the market, we can expect urban models to offer more options than ever. Next time you are looking for one, taking your time to browse all the manufacturers, models, and features available will definitely be worth the effort. Modern electric bicycles are excelling at the task of making your everyday life easier, rather than different, while contributing to lower overall pollution.

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