What Is a Sleeper Car?

If you enjoy high performance driving but appreciate low-profile design, the sleeper car trend is absolutely perfect for you

Cars have gone a long way from being merely a means of transportation. They have become major parts of our everyday lives and, for those who like them, our culture. In fact, “car culture” is a common topic in any big car-related publication. Culture has a deep connection with the language we use, so it is natural to observe that the car culture permeates into our language. This article refers to that event.

High performance is frequently the favorite topic among car enthusiasts because it is emotional. We get strong emotions from hearing an engine sound, accelerating a car, competing in races… Sometimes, even seeing a special car on the street makes our day. However, not all of us agree on how such special cars should look. The term “sleeper cars” has been created to express an interesting divergence in that.

What is a sleeper car?

First of all, think of a performance car. Any make, any model. It is likely that you thought of something like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. A short coupé with angular lines, flashy colors, big wheels, and a loud engine. That is the stereotype of performance cars. The industry knows that emotional products sell well, and they build on that. Those cars aim to give you strong feelings from the first moment you lay eyes on them.

Dashboard of the 1986 BMW M5 (source: WheelsAge)

The problem is that not everyone likes that appearance. Some people prefer a low-profile look with more discreet changes and conservative colors. In some cases, this option is also convenient for making the car less noticeable; it can make its insurance cheaper. Over time, the Internet has helped those people gather and make their opinion heard. In a way, we can consider this an expression of counterculture.

“Sleeper cars” refers to car models that offer high performance without using a flashy appearance. They might be dedicated sports cars, sporty versions of urban cars, or even regular cars. What matters is that they hide a powerful engine underneath an unassuming external design. Now, we know that saying it like that makes your head boil with possible examples. The next section is going to help you with them.

Give me examples of sleeper cars

Following the paragraph above, we can start with sports cars. The Lexus LC is a good example because all its flashiness comes from the company’s design identity. There are no exclusive colors, exaggerated wheel sets, or outstanding aerodynamic items. This is a typical grand tourer; a coupé that focuses on luxury and elegance rather than brash performance. But it happens to use V6 and V8 engines of up to 471 hp.

Dashboard of the Volvo 850 T-5R (source: WheelsAge)

When it comes to performance versions of urban cars, AMG models are among the best examples we can provide. Up to the last decade, you could only tell an S65 from a regular S-Class because of exclusive rims and a few visual tweaks focused on aerodynamics. Nevertheless, if you know even a little about AMG, you will know that those cars bring the very best the German company can offer in terms of performance.

Now, the Chrysler 300 belongs to the group which best defines sleeper cars. The sober colors, generous size, and abundant chrome trim make you think of a typical land yacht; a regular family sedan. However, none of that gives us a hint that this car may use a 5.7L Hemi V8 engine capable of 363 hp. This type of double personality is what sleeper cars are all about. Impressive performance with no visual fuss.

Pros vs Cons when buying

Personal preferences aside, discretion is the biggest advantage we can mention. It brings that insurance benefit we mentioned earlier, and fewer exclusive parts that could be problematic in case you need to fix or replace them. When it comes to urban cars, they make an interesting compromise: you will have large space and a comfortable ride when you need, and strong performance when you can enjoy yourself.

Dashboard of the 2006 Dodge Magnum (source: WheelsAge)

On the downside, the most important issue to keep in mind is that there are fewer and fewer of these cars on sale. The car market has become so competitive that companies are doing whatever they can to attract attention to their product. Therefore, whenever they plan to offer a high-output powertrain on a given car model, they surely are going to wrap it around a distinctive external appearance to maximize its hype.

Then again, “sleeper” is a cultural term and, as such, is prone to change over time. It is not about any fixed degree of performance or visual customization, but about one of those relative to the other. In this way of thought, there will always be car models we can consider sleepers. Now that you have learned everything about the term, stay tuned: AutomoBible is going to publish more articles about them in the future!

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