Have You Ever Tried These Car Games?

There are more to cars than just buying and driving them. Here, we show you some types of car games to enjoy them in a whole new way

There is a meme trend about goal and obstacles which resurfaces every now and then. In short, it consists of starting with a positive goal such as eating healthy. The obstacles to the goal come right afterwards; in that specific case, they would be pictures of junk food, cocktails, and such. That trend employs gentle self-deprecation to express that we get in the way of our own goals more often than not.

That trend came to mine while I was planning what to write here. It is easy to like cars; they have become engineering marvels with so many exciting technologies. However, owning one entails countless issues of costs, documents, maintenance, and reselling. This article will help you take a break from all that. Here, we show car games for you to enjoy them in a relaxed way. We update it regularly, so feel free to stay tuned!

Car Board Games

Let us start with an unusual one. Board games do not offer structure to physically play with cars; we know that. However, it does not mean they do not offer possibilities for the dynamism that car games imply. On the contrary, some feature such refined gameplay that you have to plan strategies like in any other board game. That is why this category earned a spot on our list. In fact, we think it has been quite underrated.

We have published a list of ten recommendations in racing board games. They all focus on cars, of course, but manage to do so in different ways. Some place you as a racing pilot, others give you the role of directing a manufacturer… Others are simpler and focus on having fun even if it is not too realistic. Either way, there are options for big and small groups. You can check that list by clicking here or on the image to the left.

Do It Yourself

When it comes to real cars, many enthusiasts enjoy working on projects. They usually buy an old model in terrible condition and try to restore it. The problem, once again, is that such mission comes with extensive work to find quality parts; extensive effort to manufacture parts they could not find; and extensive budget to fund all that. If you do not want that hassle, the subcategories below are much more suitable solutions.

Assembly kits

Model cars are the 101 when it comes to car-related items. The thing is, some car fans want to make the whole concept even more interesting. Some die-cast cars make you earn the right to admire them; they come as separate parts plus support material and detailed instructions for you to assembly the car. If you know some industrial lingo, they are a chance for you to replicate SKD manufacturing on your own.

Lego Technic sets

The Danish company has always offered wheels and axles in its boxes. In the Lego world, that means you just need to connect two axles; the basic concept of a car will be ready for you to customize the way you want. The Technic line, however, is something entirely different… and is getting better with each new set. Lego reinterpreted the regular gameplay in such an artistic way that you end up assembling masterpieces.

Model cars

Pretty much the one item everyone must own to consider themselves car fans. There are many companies that manufacture model cars, so they come in a huge variety; between make and model, scale, color, and detail level, there are endless options. Then again, please keep in mind that it also implies a big variation of prices; you are not going to buy the same for a child’s gift and to decorate your living room, right?

DieCast cars

The fact that they come with a fixed base says it all: the goal here is to admire them. High-quality die-cast models have doors you can open so you can admire everything; even engine, gauge cluster, and steering wheel are perfect reproductions. While some car fans accumulate dozens of them, most prefer to get one or two; the car selections might come from affectionate memories or simply admiration for their design.

Remote control cars

If you enjoy model cars but cannot just look at them, we have a solution for you. Remote control cars are generally available as toys, but they are great ideas to play with your family. Most of them only have basic functions such as moving forward and steering. However, if you are serious about the hobby, you can find high-performance models with advanced capabilities. Some people spend hours having fun with them.

Toy model cars

We all want to give our children the best, there is no doubt here. However, giving a model car to a toddler for them to playfully throw it on a wall is quite painful. Some companies design model cars specifically for toy use; they are less detailed in order to cost less, and generally more resistant. They also offer miniature places and tracks, so the child can build a little city of their own. Great way to boost their creative skills!

Video Games

This is a sure way to make a car fan spend hours without even noticing. This industry is so complex that it is possible to find car games in a multitude of stories and platforms. A rule of thumb for choosing a game is that, the more detailed, the harder to play it is. While some of them pose exciting challenges, there are times when we want something lighter. The important thing is not being afraid to browse your options!

Casual car games

Most of us enjoy realism only to a convenient extent. When it comes to car games, we like to hear engine sounds, drive at high speed with some oversteer… Nothing that forces us to make calculations or think of racing strategies. Some games are just about that; they come with a variety of cars but do not offer much in terms of customization. They are often affordable, available in many platforms, and quite easy to play.

One of the best examples of these games is Forza Horizon. Even though the franchise offers a lot in terms of performance and visual tuning, those are not the goal. The fifth edition is set in Mexico, so it strives to make you enjoy the sunny weather and the beautiful beaches while you drive one of the 500+ car models available. By clicking here or on the image, you can check our list with ten of the most exotic ones there.

Racing car games

These games are on the opposite end. They allow you to work on performance settings like aerodynamic downforce, damping intensity, differential lock, gear ratios, and tire pressure. Everything so you can tune your car to perfection according to the goal you set. Since realism is the priority for these car games, the best way to enjoy them is from a dedicated cabin; gearshift lever, pedals, steering wheel, everything.

Racing manager games

Sometimes, we want to enjoy things from the opposite point of view. In this type of car games, you own a racing team. You have to manage which drivers to hire or to fire, how to invest in the car… Not to mention you get to plan racing strategies throughout the championship. If you like such activities, those games are great. They are an opportunity to enjoy the world of car racing from a completely different perspective!

Tuning car games

Here, you play the roles of driver and mechanic. These games offer fewer cars to choose from but many, many options to customize them. You can design the entire graphic part for the outside; unlock more and more new parts; and fine-tune how each one works. There is no perfect setup on them and this is exactly the beauty of these games. You can tailor any car to the purpose you want to prosper in these games.